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How to Get YouTube Payment In Bank | YouTube se Paise Kaise Milte Hai

YouTube Payment

  How to Get YouTube Payment In Bank | YouTube se Paise Kaise Milte Hai

                       You have a blog on which you use Google Adsense or you have a YouTube channel which is monetized, then today we will tell you the complete process of how your earnings reach your bank account, create a blog and monetize it through your Adsense. So this is how ads are shown on your blog, whenever someone clicks on this ad, it earns you and these earnings are shown in your Google Adsense account. By the way, when you create a YouTube channel and monetize it, then ads are shown on that too and you earn from that ad and this earning is also shown in your Google Adsense and your earnings from YouTube channel are In this way, there is a show in your Google Adsense account as if it is a Google Adsense account and here it is showing earning, as soon as you have ten dollars in your Adsense account, you can add your bank account. In which you have to take payment, to add bank account, you will click on payments, in this you will click on payment info, click on add payment method and here you will enter your bank account details as you will enter your name as written on the bank account. It has happened, we will enter the name code of our bank, we will enter the swift code here, the swift code of each bank is different, you can find it in Google, after this you will enter your account number here and Here you will re-enter the account number to confirm it, you will fix it, after this save, your bank account will be linked with your Adsense and as soon as you have hundred dollars, your Google will be automatically transferred to this bank account. If there is at least a hundred dollars in Adsense, then they are automatically transferred to your bank account, if you have an amount, then it gets held and as soon as When your hundred dollars are completed, then they are transferred to your bank account. Google Adsense does not transfer money to your bank account at any time, but there is a fixed date for this, on the 21st of every month, your amount from Google Adsense It is transferred to your bank account, if you talk about the bank, which bank should you use to take payment from Google Adsense, then HDFC Bank is the best bank for this. After ICICI Bank and then State Bank of India on 21st as soon as the payment is transferred from Google Adsense to your bank account, you will get an email and SMS from the bank that the involved remittance has been received in your bank account. You have two options, in some banks you have to go to the branch from internet banking and in some banks you have to fill a form there and submit it. And in ICICI Bank, you can easily process the involved writers through internet banking. In Yes Bank also, you can process through the email you receive, in other banks, you have to visit most of the branches and there But you get a fee, you have to submit that form by filling it, only after that the payment is credited to your bank account, so if your HDFC If you have an account in the bank and it is added with your Google Adsense, then I will show you here how to process it, then first you will log in to your HDFC Bank internet banking, in this you will enter your user ID and password and continue. Will do this way you will log in to your internet banking then you will click on transit in the account section scroll down and you will get an option Foreign currency in Vadra Meters, you will click on it, the payment sent by Google Adsense will be shown in front of you in this way, in this you will click on U, details will come in front of you, name, reference number, currency and how much amount it will appear in front of you, you will continue in it. You have to add a purpose it is mandatory without this your payment processor will not be there so here you have to add the purpose if you want to block or youtube channel When payment comes, you always have to choose this purpose P One Double Zero Seven Advertising Trade Fair Service, you will select it, in this way purpose will be whipped here, after that you will choose country, in this you will choose Singapore, you can see This is singapore you will select it after that you will give concert here after continue you will get summary how much amount has come this is purpose code and country of destination this is you confirm Have to do it, your request will be successfully placed as you can see here, after that you do not need to do anything else, your bank will credit this amount to your bank account within one to two days, there is a processor in which your block Earning of YouTube channel reaches your bank account by Earning.

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