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How to Add Website to Google Search Console | add website to google search console

How to Add Website to Google Search Console

 How to Add Website to Google Search Console | add website to google search console

                  How can we get the website indexed in Google search engine or how can we submit your website to Google? If you want to get your website indexed in Google in the proper way, then you should definitely add your website to Google Search Console. 
                     This platform Hai Google Webmaster, which we also call Google Search Console, you will find this link in the description or you can search on Google, Google Search Console, you click on the first link You will come to this website, simply what you have to do is to sign in or sign up on this website, now here you have to add your website, in my case I want this domain of mine. i anand dot if i add it in google search console then how is it possible simply send you here and also here you have to take the url prefix here and you have to put whatever your website url is you have to put it here and after that Here you have to verify your ownership What is ownership, now how will Google know that this is your website, if Google is not following this step, then you can add any website to any website, that is, to anyone’s website, many methods are available here. 

                  The first method is that you download this file and upload it to your server and upload it to the root directory, in my opinion it will be a very long processor. What to do in your head section, what to do in the head section of your website, then below are some other methods like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Domain Name Provider, here the easiest method is the stml tag, stml tag here By clicking on the copy button, we will copy, we will come to our website and here you have to go to Appearance, the day you have to go to Theme Editor, where you have to click on I understand. And you have to search here on the right side, here what you have to do is put this code in the head section, then either you can put it above or you can put it here just before the end of the head section, then html tag Do it only through if that method is not working in some of the cases then now you can use another method that you can upload the stml file in your root directory, this is your Google Search console is the dashboard, whatever changes, whatever strikes, whatever problems are on your website, all these things will be seen here, whatever keywords you train, you will find them in the performance tab here, for now I have added the website, so you do not have any data. You will get a lot of data here, on which keywords your website is getting ranked, for how many days you need data, you can filter from here, there is coverage, there is inspection When Google’s crawler goes to your website in coverage, what problem is it facing, is it able to crawl correctly or not, you will see all the errors here. If you want to update slide map on your website, then what can you do from here? We can update, we come to the overview, on the overview page, you will get the same data that you can add to your complete search engine console.

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