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Amazon affiliate account create | amazon affiliate program india | Amazon affiliate commission


Apr 18, 2023

 Amazon affiliate account create | amazon affiliate program india |  Amazon affiliate commission

                   You have to create an Amazon Associate account, after that how you can generate Linux and at the same time I will do twenty three things with you guys in this video so that your Amazon account is not banned, which will come in the bank account, we will not put you here. The name mentioned in the bank account should appear here, if you are going to take the parent’s account in someone else’s banking, then put their name and address here. After entering the phone number, I am asking here pay next in is the main contact for this amount in the bank account itself payment will be received first to selectors nahi ho to second ko selectors enter your name here ok and enter phone number now I Here I am sidelining the first and if you live in US then kudos if you don’t live then don’t do something for US people There is a separate tax, now inside this page we have to put our gender through which we are going to promote whether it is our Facebook page, our Instagram page or our website or our YouTube channel or our mobile application, whatever you may be here But for us we have our YouTube channel through which we are going to promote the products, okay then I will click and put the YouTube channel here, now here we have gone to our next page, inside this we have to feel more details. 

                First of all it is our associate store inside it think like user name inside it you have to type a user name feel it is not necessary here you will get it exact will be available depends on it now next year comes from our mobile We have our YouTube channel which we have mentioned here, your website or your product which will be promoted in any way, if it comes, then I will choose it and choose the second one. Maybe now next year comes which type of product we are going to promote now here are the categories now let me add electronics one minute my account will be closed first of all things now come to the second thing Never use linux shortcode otherwise your amazon plate account will be banned linux order mean which is Italy There are short neurons and there are many noise tones through which you can shorten the link, Amazon does not allude to not do that, if you do, your Amazon account may be banned. Third thing I also made a mistake and this is the amazon account banned.

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