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Twitter Blue Tick Verification 2023 | twitter blue tick kaise kharide


Mar 26, 2023

 Twitter Blue Tick Verification 2023 | twitter blue tick kaise kharide

                        From Art, Twitter has started selling Blue Tick in India
as well, now if you want to get Blue Tick for a Twitter account, then you will
have to subscribe to it. In this subscription, along with Blue Tick, you will
get more features like Twitter But you will be able to publish long videos of
HD quality, after tweeting, you will be able to edit it five times in thirty
minutes, you will get to see comments on Twitter and you will get many more
features in this subscription. To get blue tick, you have to log in to your
Twitter account, in this you will click on the profile icon, in this you will
get a new option, Twitter Blue, you will find it in all three places, Android,
iPhone and web browser, you will click on it. What are the benefits you will
get, you can see here, one will go to your account of beauty, second, if you
mention someone, reply, then you will be given priority. 

                              Means your tweet will come up, out of the ads that are on
Twitter, you will have to see fifty percent less ads, you will be able to post
longer videos on Twitter, you will get early access to the new features of
Twitter Blue Labs. If you take this subscription by login your twitter account
in the web browser, then you will get it cheaper then you Six Hundred Fifty
Rupees will have to be paid per month but for this you must have an
International Debit Card or Credit Card. To subscribe you will click on this Payment
methods will appear in front of you, you can pay with your credit card, debit
card, Paytm wallet or UPI, so as if we want to pay with UPI, then click on Pay
with UPI, in this you will continue by entering your UPI add, in this you will
enter your Will fill name and address, after that continue UPID will be your
add, after that you will click on subscribe, in this you will enter your
twitter password and click on verify jis UP You have entered the UPID of the
application here, you will open the application, in this way you will get the
payment request, in this you will click on the details, you will see all the
details in front of you, to set up auto pay, click setup auto paper below. In
this you will enter your UPI PIN and submit it, auto pay will be set up and
nine hundred rupees will be deducted every month from your account. 

                     Will happen until you cancel it, after that you will come
back to the Twitter application, then you can see that the payment has been
successful, this screen comes in front of you, then you will not know it. After
this we have subscribed to ok twitter beauty as you can see here after this
twitter team will check your account and after that a blue tick will appear on
your account to see verification status and manage your subscription For this,
you will click on the profile icon, in this you will click on Settings Privacy,
in this you will get an option of Twitter Blue, you will click on it, in this
you can see Subscription is active To manage your subscription click on manage
you will be redirected to play store here you can see your subscription it is
active when you want you can cancel it click on it Will do If you want to
update the payment method, then you can update the payment method by clicking
on update and if you want to cancel the subscription, then you can cancel the
subscription. Will click on you subscription will be canceled once the
subscription is canceled no money will be deducted from your account so in this
way you can subscribe to Twitter Beauty You can take it and can also cancel it,
after two to three days a blue tick will appear on your account.


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