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Jio 5G Welcome Offer Activation | Jio 5G kaise activate kare | Jio Unlimited 5G Data Free


Mar 24, 2023

 Jio 5G kaise activate kare | Jio 5G Welcome Offer Activation 

                         Just like Jio had given unlimited 4G internet absolutely
free in the welcome offer after its launch, similarly Jio’s 5G has been
launched. To chat and activate the 5G welcome offer, you have to install the
MyJio app, enter your mobile number and login, you will get the congratulations
on the home page as soon as you login, you have upgraded to the Jio welcome
offer. In this way, you will get the offer, in this you will click on Get
Started, to activate it, if your mobile phone does not have the latest FiveG software,
then the option to update will come.

                             You will update it by clicking on Update Now, our mobile
system is already updated, so I will click on I have updated, after that you
will have to enable FiveG in the mobile network, in this you will click on the
network type, in this you will get the option of FiveG. Have to select it, now
you can see that FiveG has been activated on our mobile phone. We have got
unlimited five G data means we can use five G data as much as we want, if we
talk about speed, then you can see how much speed we are getting on Jio Five G
network, like I am getting six hundred in this. I am getting speed on Seventy
MB although on iPhone I am getting more speed than this, I checked on iPhone,
then on Nine Hundred Ten B I am getting speed on it. 

                        This is super fast internet, on this you can get HD
quality Video cost, Ultra HD video streaming and high definition games, Aliplay
can be done, there are two conditions for using 5G internet, the first
condition is your There should be five g network in the area and the second
condition is that the mobile phone you have should be five g comfortable so in
this way you can check zero five g welcome offer and activate it.


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