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How to Make Money with Dream11| Full Guide Step by Step | ड्रीम 11 से पैसे कैसे कमाये जाते है?


Mar 25, 2023

 How to Make Money with Dream11

                         You must have heard about Dream Live Inn that lakhs of
rupees can be earned from it, but most of the people remain confused about
Dream of Living. First of all, let’s talk about Dream Live In, is Dream Live In
a website where you can make your own team by choosing the players who are in
the match that is going to happen? If the players you have selected in the real
match perform well, then the ranking of your virtual players increases and if
the players you have selected in the real match perform poorly. If you perform,
then the performance of your virtual players is low, if your players perform
well, then their ranking increases, on which you are given a price, this price
is its income, let’s talk about whether Dream Live in India is legal. There are
two types of games, one which completely depends on the method, such games come
in betting and gambling, which are completely in India. It is illegal in a way,
other ways are games, where there is skill along with passion, then in Dream
Live In, along with passion, your skill works, you choose your mind, players
and make a team. so here you choose your skill so dream level is legal in india
there are only three states in india assam, orissa and telangana where dream
eleven is completely illegal And if you are from any other state then it is
legal, it is legal, let us talk about what has to be done in this from which
money is earned, first of all you have to You have to go to the website or you
have to download its application.

                          If you use iPhone, then you can download Ease Ali from
the App Store, but if you use Android, then you can download it from its
official website dream live in.com. It has to be downloaded, what do you have
to do after downloading it? let me I will show you practically, after
downloading you get two options to login and register, if you register directly
in this, then you will have to load amount in it to play the game, but if you
go here through someone’s referral, then You get a hundred rupees for playing
the game For this, you always go here only from someone’s referral, for this
you will click on the referral code here, a registered form will appear in
front of you, first of all you will have to enter the invitation code like yes,
I have an invitation code, it is here. I will put my referral code, you will
find it in the description of the video, you can also register here by putting
it here Will enter mobile number, enter an email id and choose a password here,
after that click on register here, after logging in, you have to choose here,
you can choose any match up to one hour before its start. Here you have been
given a complete list, as well as the time is being shown here, how much time
is left for the start of the match, like here But we choose UAE vs USA, after
that you have to make your team here, from Twenty Two players of both the
teams, you have to choose your Eleven players here, for which you have been
given Hundred points here and Each player can choose batman all rounder But
here you will have pound cut, first we will have to choose a wicketkeeper here,
we will choose any one of these two here, after that here we will have to
choose three to five batsmen. After this here you have to choose all rounder
you have to choose one to three all rounder here in Chile I choose two then
after that you Bowler will have to choose three to five bowlers you will have
to choose here all bowlers have photos and name written here you can choose
here now see here I have eleven players five from UAE team and six From USA
team after this you can see your team by clicking on team preview here
everyone’s name and photos are showing here there is a wicket keeper Malhotra
and here this is the batsman this is the all rounder and this is the bowlers
after this we will click on continue here after clicking on continue here we
have to choose a captain and a vice captain as we choose the captain Malhotra
and Vice Captain Hum Let’s choose M Patel to win the captaincy, you will get
double points here and you will get one run to win the vice captaincy. point
five times points will be given after this I will click on the team here are
the details on one run we will get two point five points on one h we will get
four points while on one wicket we will get twelve point here, here you have a
lot of contests Will come which the company has already created according to
the price here you will have to pay anti charge like Here the price is ten lakh
rupees, which will be divided among thirty five thousand. To enter in this, you
will have to pay twenty six rupees. Below here you will find more contests
which can be from two hundred fifty rupees to one crore rupees. 

                             Like if we want to join this contest, then for this we will
click on it and here we will click on Jaundice Contest, here we will have to
enter our date of birth. And you will have to choose your state, after that you
will click on Go Ahead, you will get three options for payment here, Debit,
Credit Card. Net banking and wallet you can pay here by any method we click on
wallet here you get phonepe, mobikwik and paytm wallet you can pay with any
wallet I will click on the link account, an OTP will come, which will
automatically be deducted, after that, here you will be Pet Malik, here you
have to click on Pay B Pet, now you see here, the entry fee for joining this
contest is twenty six. Rupees and I have Hundred Rupees Bonus here which I have
registered here through a referral so out of that Hundred Rupees Bonus Twenty
Five Rupees are being used here so here I have to pay only one Rupees which
contest Will click on and we have joined the contest here. Ten lakh rupees will
be divided, which winner will get how much, you can see by clicking here, whose
rank will come, he will get one lakh rupees, whose second rank will come. He
will get ten thousand rupees, in this way the more the rain decreases, the more
the price will decrease here. If you want, you can join more contests here. Can
do when you just have to wait, as soon as the match starts, you will perform
like real players, your rank will be made even if you win If the players you
have selected play well then your rank will be good and you will get good price
but if the players you have selected do not perform well then your rank will
also not be good and you will not get good price on the contest. When you click
here you can see how many teams are there you see there are forty three
thousand two hundred twelve times you can change your team name here if you
want you can click on change and here We will give a name of our team and here
we will click on save, here we will click on profile, then many details will
come here, our team name is Ishan Monitor Team. And the balance here is seventy
five rupees because we have given twenty five rupees in the entry fee, whatever
balance you earn will come here in the wallet and you can withdraw that balance
in your account by clicking on withdraw here. To withdraw the balance, at least
two hundred rupees should be there in your wallet. Now let’s talk about whether
it can really earn money? So see, if you are thinking that you will earn lakhs
of crores of rupees from this, then you are wrong. If you think about this,
then you will waste your time, because a price is kept in it. Suppose in a
contest, a price of ten lakh rupees is kept, then fifty thousand, sixty
thousand one lakh people participate in it and these ten Lakh rupees are
divided among those one lakh people and they are not given equally to even one
lakh people, but the one who gets the first rank gets the most. More amount is
given, then the second person gets less amount and after that those who have
less rank get fifteen rupees twenty rupees in this way If yes, then it is right
or wrong to use it, it is time waste or there is some benefit from it, you can
decide yourself.




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