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How To Create YouTube Channel in Mobile 2023 | Youtube Channel Create Kaise Kare


Mar 23, 2023

 How To Create YouTube Channel in Mobile 2023

            If you are thinking of starting youtube channel then how
can you make it in your smartphone within ten seconds so today’s video is going
to be very interesting and challenging for me also because I will set a timer
and you will have to watch it within ten seconds. I will show you inside You
must have a Gmail account and when you set up your phone for the first time,
then a Gmail account is created there, now here I set a timer of ten seconds
and you will get a YouTube channel within ten seconds. Let me teach you how to
make, so let’s start the timer from here, first of all you have to open your
YouTube, at the bottom you are seeing the library option, click on it, at the
top of the right side, you are seeing your icon, click on it And after that
here you have the option of your channel After clicking on it, here you will
see a button of create channel. If you click on create channel, you will have a
YouTube channel here within ten seconds. You can create a YouTube channel in
the phone, now here are some more settings that you have to do for your YouTube
channel, I will tell you how You can do that guys you have to open chrome
browser and search youtube here. 

                   After searching dot com youtube dot com, you are seeing
three dots in the top of the right side, you have to click on it and after enabling
the desktop site here, after enabling it, you can do it in laptop or desktop.
You can do the same work in your smartphone too, so this is an advantage from
the side, after that you will find your icon here. YouTube is visible in the
right side corner, click on it and click on your channel from here, after
clicking on your channel, you will see the option of customize channel at the
top. You will click and from here you have to do further settings of your
channel, here you can change the profile picture of your YouTube channel, which
we call YouTube icon, you can change the channel, you can change the banner of
your YouTube if If you want to learn how to make YouTube channel icon or
YouTube channel eight, then I have made a video on that too, by pressing on the
button above, you can see how after this video you can simply make YouTube
channel icon in your phone. You can make creative and you can also make a
channel, then you must see this video, after changing that, you have to go to
your about section here and from here you have to give the description of your
channel, if a new audience visits your channel If so, who is your channel, what
category is your channel, he should know like you can see my channel, my
channel description, my channel is around YouTube and Instagram and social
media, so I have given my channel description. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Here you write a detail in the channel description, I am
simply copy pasting here, you can write anything according to your own, after
doing it here you have to click on Done, after that you will see the details
here. It is below that for business inquiry, here you have to add your email
from which you have created your YouTube account. So here I simply write my
email address, after that I will pay here, after that here you have to select
location India and below that you see Linux, this is very important if you
create YouTube channel. You can take your audience here, from your other social
media platform or if you have a website, then you can use this Linux option. If
I want to link here, I will write Instagram in the title of Lynn here, and
after writing, I will copy and paste the URL of my Instagram here and do it,
then this is my Instagram account, my link is here, if anyone New u sir come to
my youtube channel and click on this link then he can directly go to my
instagram and follow me there also So like this you can add more Linux, your
Instagram’s Facebook’s Twitter’s or any other website, then you can link it
here too, then in the same way you have to complete the settings of your YouTube
and you have such a perfect YouTube channel. Ban Jayega So Guys Like This You
Can Also Create YouTube Channel In Your Smartphone In Today’s Video I Told You
How You Can Create YouTube Channel .


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