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How to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number | Create Gmail Account


Mar 23, 2023

 How to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number | Create Gmail Account

                       how you can create a Gmail account without a phone
number, here I can show you first of all that I have so many Gmail accounts
that I have created without a phone number. Let’s open it here, see the sign in
a highlight I have done, click on what we have, this page will open, use
another account, we will click on it, after that we will have the option to
sign in, we will come down Look a little bit, it is written create account We
will click on it, after that we will select Mother Fraud Myself, after this it
is first name, last name, both of them instead of AIIMS, you can write any one
name, okay, here I write Rizwan in first name and I write Ali in the last name,
ok, now you have to take precaution while writing your surname, here you have
to write at least four names, ok and you have to write four names in such a way
that some are boys’ names, some are girls’ k name ho ok so that unique If it is
made then what am I doing here

                      I write these four names means it should become such a
unique name which has not been created before today nor has it been created
like this. I also write some number nine seven eight ok, this is so big that
will be our gmail address, after that I type any password here which will be
some alphabets and some numbers will be ok after that I What is below is to
re-enter this same password again. I re-enter the password here again in
gambling, after listening to this I have entered, after that I click on next,
see now this page is open, it has given me the phone number optional, that is,
if it is our wish. 

                  Email address is also not necessary, it has given us an
optional, we will not enter this also, this happened because we had kept the
name unique, now we select the date of birth here. Ok date of birth, there
should not be any red here, which is your date of birth, then you can put that
or you can put any one of your choice, to enter the date of birth After I come
down then here is gender ok you male female any one select gender here after gender
click next week ok after this this is our page we are agreeing to their terms
and conditions You are clicking on I agree, yes, this is our account, the
account has been created.


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