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How To Create Flipkart Seller Account | Sell On Flipkart | Flipkart Seller Kaise Bane


Mar 23, 2023

 How To Create Flipkart Seller Account 

                        You will be able to create your salary account and
generate your income. Friends, Flipkart is a medium on which you can start your
own income by creating a free of cost seller account and listing your products.
In this video, we are telling you how You will create an account, rest we are
coming with more videos, like product can take brand approvals, we are telling
you everything, so let’s go to our computer screen and learn how to create an
account. Can you list your products on Flipkart’s platform if you register
yourself as such a seller on Flipkart’s platform? You can put, their price
description etc. everything and then if the public likes you and the product
etc. has power then you will start getting sales then it is very easy, it is
free of cost processor, ok then first of all you Cellar. dot flipkart dot com
you will enter as I have opened here, as soon as you open here, a mobile number
is mandatory, which you have to enter here like this, an OTP will come on top
of it, click on register now to register, enter the mobile number After you
have done this, now you can see here that it is taking some time to open the
dashboard, seller dashboard will open, ok, here you will enter one, friends.

                              we will enter the email address, I will not do anything. The
data has been copied and kept so that we can save some time. After entering
OTP, you give full name here, whatever name you want, I will give it to you. We
have set a password, now we will sign up here, friends, we will register, now
as we have registered, friends, here we have to enter the pin code, because the
pin code will be verified, in which area do you fall, then the pin code I
entered Now I will click here to verify that yes, your product will be picked
up in this pin code, so it is very important that you pro will enter your pin
code correctly, here we have to enter the pickup address after your pin code. so
address we also put a dummy address now here we will continue after give your
business details come here then I have GST GST aapke aapse number nahi nahi
nahi hai company i will only sell GST exam Categories like box means I am
selling the same category here in which GST is not applicable, so if there is
any such product then click here and if you It is said that I have applied for
GST, then you can click here, but later the GST number will have to be given,
if GST is applicable in that product category, because I have a Will post here
st number will click on verify now see it has come here because I was
registered register number now here friends if you have any images of signature
then here only you can upload the image also otherwise if you draw If you want
to do signature click here and you can draw on the screen Like I have drawn my
signature, showed it for a month like this for the dummy, now I will confirm
it, ok, I have confirmed it, if you don’t want to do this, you have a paper,
you have signed it. 

                     You can also upload image Friends, what do you have to do
here after continuing? I have bank account means bank account is in my name,
ok, I have taken account in the name of registered business, so if I am here
then I will click here if you want to apply then click here So like we have
account then we put details here ok account holder name first we will put It is
important to know one c triple zero double four one two because if it is not
correct then the verification of payment will not be done and then later the
payment also comes in this only then click on verify here and see if it is ok
then here The details will come, which branch is what, now here friends, if
there is a canceled cheque, then you must upload it, the reason for that is
that the ago rate means that it is needed later in their accounts department, so
the canceled check is also there. We demand that everything is verified
properly then we can upload it later also because we do not have it now then
yes, will upload cancel check letter then continue then friends, now as you can
see that our Account has been created


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