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Accessories for YouTube Channel | New YouTube Channel 2023


Mar 26, 2023

 Accessories for YouTube Channel | New YouTube Channel 2023

                  After creating a new YouTube channel, the most important
part comes to make videos for that channel and to make videos, you will need
some such series, so in today’s video we will see that you have to create a new
YouTube channel. What are the must have accessories so let’s start No matter
you start a YouTube channel on any topic, you will always need two things, one
is a good mobile phone from which we will record the video, whether we use the
camera of the mobile, make the video or record the screen of the mobile and
make both the things. For this you must have a mobile phone other yes will do
video editing from mobile in master on mobile is very powerfull application for
video editing that in master You can do professional video editing, if you have
a good budget, then you can take a DSLR for video recording and for video
editing, you can also take a computer or laptop, but in the beginning, most
people work from mobile only because today Very good mobile phones are coming
tomorrow, their camera and performance are very good, so for making videos and
editing videos on your YouTube channel you must have a good mobile phone second
thing you will need on your channel is my because no matter how good video you
make, if it does not have clear voice then your The video is useless, I have a
lot of mics, as you see here, they say that this is Rode’s collar mic, which
costs seven thousand rupees, you can use it in your computer, laptop, mobile
and DSLR, and this is Rode’s Wireless mic which costs twenty two thousand rupees,
you can also use it with your computer, laptop, dslr and mobile phone, what
kind of mic is this, which is used a lot, you must have seen this mic with many
youtubers from computer and laptop. is connected in this you have a Three point
five hai maam jo bhi milta hai which is connected with dslr and mobile phone
this mic has receiver which dslr mobile phone is connected with computer or
laptop and this is mi which is put on collar Because it is a bit big, it is
difficult to put it on the collar, so some people connect an extra meat with
it, in this way, using it by attaching an extra collar mic with it Maybe this
is the mic, its price is seven thousand rupees, this is the candy mike, holding
it in hand like this Audio is recorded, there is no need to connect this mic
anywhere to record audio, it has an inbuilt audio recorder, as well as
attaching a collar mic to it, audio can also be recorded from that, this mic is
also used by many YouTubers. but I don’t like this mike at all and it’s price
is 12,000 rupees but it can be used only with computer or laptop, you can’t use
it with dslr or mobile phone so if you just make videos that you Record on
computer or laptop, then you can take this, its sound quality is very good and
it is also used by many youtubers and finally this is our biwa m one, pro me
price ek hazaar? Rupees, you can use it on Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, DSLR,
if you talk about audio quality, then what you are listening to now is the

              Mike is being used, whatever you hear on all our channels is
recorded from this mic, so you can start with this mic, I will open it and show
you how Ka mike comes in it you get twenty fit cable, you can use it with
laptop mobile phone dslr anyone, to use it with mobile you will connect it to
your mobile and here you will keep this button off and If you are using with
BSR then you will connect it to BSNR and here you will turn on this button, in
this you get a small battery which is used only when recording audio from DSLR
and this The battery lasts for years, in this you need a Filter is also
available for the collar, in this you also get a pin, so that you can use this
mic in amplifier also, in this way you can use it by applying clip and air
filter, if you have three point five in your mobile If there is no USB C type
port or any other port, then you can also take the extension, you will get the
extension from Amazon or Flipkart, by connecting it with your mobile Will
connect after that you can record audio if you want to take wireless mike then
you can take this road mike Its cost is twenty two thousand rupees and if you
want to take collar mic then you can take this mike of yours its cost is one
thousand rupees apart from this there are other series like if you are making
Indore news and you need light If you have, then you can take a portable light
like this, it comes with an inbuilt battery, which you can use by recharging,
in this you can use white and yellow light as well as to reduce or increase the
light. Options are also available, in this way you can increase or decrease the
light here, if you make a video by standing or sitting at one place, then you
will have to take a tripod. Can mount phone I have two tripod this one is very
good for ipod mobile phone and the other one is for dslr which you can see here
it has a lot of height You can mount your DSLR and make videos from it, so to
start a new YouTube channel, you must have three devices, a good mobile phone,
a mini and a tripod to make videos, in this way you can use your You will stand
the tripod, you will put your camera or mobile phone on it and in this way you
can make video from it, after making the video, it has to be edited, then you
can edit your video with these master applications.


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